Answers to our most frequently asked questions:

How quickly can we see results?

o We typically see demonstrable improvements within 3-4 months of program implementation on each of the following items:
 Emergency Department utilization
 Hospital Admissions
 Opioid and Controlled Substance Prescription Utilization
 Costs savings (these become more apparent throughout first-year enrollment)
o These results typically remain constant throughout program enrollment.

What happens to existing coordinators in the region?

o We have never implemented a program in which existing regional coordinators have had their positions reduced and/or eliminated.
o It is not uncommon for us to experience local coordinators in regions we enter expressing doubts about what value-added we may bring to the community, and/or concerns about their jobs potentially being eliminated. In fact, our typical experience is that in very short order existing coordinators at other regional agencies become some of our biggest advocates. In almost all cases we are able to effectively manage cases that they have been struggling with, allowing them to more effectively utilize their time and efforts in a more efficient manner.

What is the best/least improvement you’ve obtained?

o The lowest first-year emergency department visit reduction we have ever obtained is 37%
o The highest first-year emergency department visit reduction we have ever obtained is 61%

How long do clients typically stay enrolled?

o Our work is very “front-heavy”, and in most cases, we see dramatic improvements in client engagement within 6 months of client enrollment. The issue that ultimately results in high emergency department and resource utilization do not disappear, though, and thus continual client engagement is highly encouraged. To ease this process for our clients, we offer a dramatically reduced annual renewal rate. Clients will typically be enrolled in our programs for 3-4 years, sometimes longer.

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