Community Resource Engagement

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Community resource engagement and coordination are critical to the success of complex care efforts. Complex care patients touch multiple community resources. Many of these resources are engaged in efforts to address the issues they encounter. But rarely are these efforts coordinated across the community of care. This results in duplication of efforts, unnecessary costs, and ultimately ineffective engagement and care for those in need.

Our community resource engagement catalyst program emphasizes the coordination of resources across the community of care. We strive to understand how our mutual complex care patients are affecting each resource, and what efforts they are already dedicating to their care. As we collate information on the multiple on-going efforts and appropriately share these, the entire community quickly becomes much more effective in its resource coordination. A synergism begins within weeks and continues to build upon itself. Participants quickly begin to determine what activities can be most effectively rendered within the community, how to most effectively contact the appropriate sources within each agency, how to appropriately share information, and who to turn to when particular crisis events occur.

CBCS recognizes that every community is unique regarding the issues of focus at any time, and thus we customize our efforts to the needs of each community.  That said, a typical list of the community resources we engage with includes:

  • Hospitals and Emergency Departments
  • Primary Care Groups and FQHCs
  • Care Coordination Agencies
  • Behavioral Health Centers
  • Chemical Dependency Centers
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Jails and Corrections Facilities
  • Therapeutic Court Systems
  • Federal/State Agencies (including Departments of Public Health)
  • Housing Authorities and Shelters
  • Employment Services

Our Community Resource Engagement Catalyst Program is typically a multi-month project.