Shared Community Health Information Exchange

Most communities in our nation have a great demand for the supportive resources needed by complex care patients– resources such as housing, substance abuse, and behavioral health support. Arguably just as important are resources that allow us to identify and access services that already exist within communities.

Over the last few years, such tools have begun to emerge. Some have been refined such that in addition to identifying community resources, they can provide reliable assessments of real-time capacity at said resources, readily provide information as to how best to contact the correct personnel for easy access, and in some cases even provide effective integration of patient and provider notes amongst and between resources in HIPPA compliant fashion. The most advanced of these platforms provide dramatic benefits for their use communities:

  • Improved access to necessary resources for at-need clients, which results in:
    • Dramatic decreases in community crisis events as necessary resources are identified more promptly
  • Improved dialogue amongst community entities competing for limited community resources, which ultimately leads to:
    • Significant reductions in duplication of resource use amongst competing community entities

CBCS strives for early integration with existing community HIE platforms in addressing the needs of complex care patients in every community it serves.  We applaud the individual communities we have worked with that have recognized the needs for such services and worked hard to address these issues.  We are also honored to work closely with organizations such as Aunt Bertha that provide impressive platforms for communities around the country.