Caring as Communities Podcast: Optimizing Opioid Bridge Programs

Opioids remain a leading cause of death, but success at lowering these numbers is being found through the use of opioid bridge programs that connect individuals reporting to the ED for relief from an opioid addiction with next-day addiction recovery programs.

Arianna Campbell and Dr. Loni Jay, two experts in the California Bridge Program share what successful bridge programs need in this month’s episode of Caring As Communities.

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Additional Resources from this episode:

CA Bridge

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)



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Caring for Communities Podcast: The Opioid Epidemic and Facilitating Better Medication Assisted Treatment
Although the opioid epidemic has been a rising concern for years now, the solutions available for those struggling with substance use disorder are slow to follow. Increased regulation about Sensitive Information—combined with the stigma of addiction—has posed unique challenges in the field of Medication Assisted Treatment.

Listen in as Dr. Enrique Enguidanos interviews Drs. Eric Ketcham and Gregg Miller to discuss what can be done to improve the MAT care available and key strategies for addressing the opioid epidemic.

Special Guests: 

  • Eric Ketcham, MD, MBA, FACEP, FASAM, FACHE, and Emergency Physician & Addiction Specialist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Greg Miller, MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer at Vituity


  • Dr. Enrique Enguidanos, CEO/Founder of Community Based Coordination Solutions, and practicing Emergency Physician in Seattle

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Additional Resources Available for this episode:

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration):

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