What is the team saying?

Heather, CBCS Community Resource Navigator

“The reason I got into this line of work is I felt I have to help people…I didn’t want others to feel isolated and alone like I did in my early childhood.”

Rose, CBCS Community Resource Navigator

Having made some bad decisions in my life, it made me want to say…I need to do something different; I need to pivot. Instead of being a liability to society, I need to become an asset. I want to have a voice.”

Jenn, CBCS Community Resource Navigator

The gift of sobriety over 12 years ago led me to want to work in the field with anyone that needs SOMEONE to walk along with them.”


I was a 17-time felon at age 17 due to guns and drugs…I was a product of my environment and lack of resources available. I made it a mission to go back and help the underserved.”

Benefits of Working at CBCS

We always put people first. This extends to our entire team. It’s why our benefits package goes beyond health insurance and time off to ensure every employee has the extra tools to truly succeed. With competitive pay and an unparalleled benefits package, CBCS employees are always given the support to grow both personally and professionally.

  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability paid in full
  • Life insurance paid in full
  • PTO, vacation time and holiday pay
  • 401K and matching
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Support for local non-profits in the communities we serve

Available Training Programs

Burnout Prevention Training

Navigators witness difficult enrollee experiences, which pose a unique type of job stress. CBCS works to protect the well-being of employees by offering monthly burnout prevention training. The interactive virtual sessions combine lectures and participant discussions.

Education Assistance Program

CBCS will match an employee up to a maximum of $10,000 per year for continuing education through an accredited program that either offers growth in an area related to his or her current position or that may lead to promotional opportunities. This education may include college credit courses, continuing education unit courses, seminars and certification tests that are job-related.

COACH Training

After six months, employees are eligible for COACH training. COACH is a two-week, five session course that combines live, instructor-led training with supplemental reflection and learning activities that work towards sustained behavior change and tracked progress to support employees in reaching individual goals. The training is offered through a partnership with the Camden Coalition.

Leadership Training

Investing in top talent means that staff are more likely to be future organizational leaders, a win-win for everyone. CBCS works with national partners to develop individual training plans for select employees that capitalize on individual strengths and provide lasting benefits, while improving the organization’s culture.

Why become a Community Resource Navigator?


I think the helping profession is a calling…We are called to this profession to be the enrollees’ bridge to resources for stability in their communities, and lives, and I relish that opportunity!”


Creating connections with the community resources is one of the most important (and one of my most favorite) parts of the job.”


Community Based Coordination Solutions seeks dynamic full-time Community Health Workers (CHW) to join our Virginia team. The CHW identifies barriers and helps coordinate care for an at-risk, complex patient population.

Position Available: Community Health Worker
Location: Staunton, Virginia area
Reports To: Program Manager
Job Status: Exempt, Full‐time
Benefits: Health and Travel benefits support; 401K program
Salary: $25/hour to start

Position Summary

The CHW coordinates community and other resources to improve health care delivery for a complex patient population. The position includes significant field time with a variety of direct patient engagement duties including:

  • conducting initial intake assessments and risk reduction interventions
  • assistance/coordination with access to resources
  • assistance coordinating transportation and housing as needed
  • engagement during crisis periods
  • resource engagement and allocation
  • regular meetings with clients’ care-teams

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