The Challenge

At the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) in Richmond, Virginia, leadership were facing significant overcrowding of state psychiatric hospitals while also navigating staffing shortages across the board. As a result, DBHDS was actively looking for a better way to support their members with behavioral health conditions—especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. A majority of members were enrolled in Medicaid, and the urban area meant a solution was needed that could meet the varied needs of a racially diverse population.

The Solution

DBHDS partnered with CBCS to enroll patients with a pattern of high state psychiatric hospital utilization in the High Utilizers of Virginia (HUV) program. Through the program, enrolled patients could receive additional services that went above and beyond those offered through traditional case management. These wraparound services were provided by CBCS staff, facilitating improved care without a need to increase DBHDS headcount.

The program utilizes CBCS navigators who are available 24/7 to help enrolled members overcome barriers to care—such as helping individuals secure transportation to appointments, housing, prescribed medications, or other ancillary care needs. Additionally, CBCS works closely with other stakeholders—such as private providers or public community systems—to coordinate care and reduce redundancies in services for improved cost savings.

The Results

Through year one, HUV program enrollees have demonstrated:

reduction in state psychiatric hospital admissions
reduction in state psychiatric hospital admit days
reduction in emergency department visits
in annual cost savings

Today, DBHDS is continuing to expand the program to other locales in Virginia—adapting key elements to better support the unique demographics in each community. Additionally, DBHDS has expanded member enrollment in the HUV program to include both those who have been discharged from the state hospital and those who are at-risk for being admitted to the state psychiatric hospital to further prevent unnecessary high-cost utilization.

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