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5 Programs that Transform Complex Care

Each is designed to address a particular portion of our broader community complex care program. They allow organizations to address target issues without the cost or time of a full program commitment. Each of the 5 programs is an integral component of our full program model and is designed to position organizations to transition easily into one of our full program models.

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of Virginia

In December 2021, CBC Solutions launched a partnership with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services (DBHDS) establishing the High Utilizers of Virginia (HUV) program. Since its launch, the DBHDS has approved the program’s expansion, from a pilot serving only Northern Virginia residents, to a statewide initiative.

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Did you know that high resource utilization clients

Have a mortality rate 3x higher than the general public?

Suffer from significant psychosocial issues including homelessness (30%), mental health disorders (40%) and substance abuse (over 50%)?

Account for 18% of emergency department visits nationwide, at an annual cost of $11.2 billion?

Have hospitalizations that last 60% longer than the general public?

There is a strong business case to be made for this work!

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Direct Patient Engagement | Complex Care Coordination | High Utilizers


CBCS’s founder, Dr. Enrique Enguidanos, has over 20 years of clinical experience in Emergency Medicine, much of this time also serving in organizational and systems management roles. For well over a decade he has developed and fine-tuned systems of care and community management systems that have proven very effective for frequent utilizers, and that is now organized in a manner that allows CBCS to continuously reproduce care results across varying communities and health care systems.

Complex Care Management | Complex Care Coordination | Complex Care Program | Complex Care Management Program

Proven Results

CBCS contracted with the Mat-Su Health Foundation to create their HUMS (High Utilizers of Mat-Su) program in 2017. Externally validated first-year results from this program include:

o Reduction in ED visits of over 60%
o Reduction in opioid use of over 20%
o Several million dollars in savings
o Broad community program satisfaction

“Dr. Enguidanos was able to work in our community and quickly get to know local systems, local champions and learn about these important relationships. Over time Dr. Enguidanos was able to help Mat-Su form a High Utilizer program that was customized to the needs of the community and the people making the system work, all the while educating and inspiring them.  In this, he demonstrated an abundance of compassion to the local entity and staff that would run the High Utilizer project.  Also, Dr. Enguidanos values data and uses it to improve program functioning and services to patients.”

Elizabeth Ripley, Chief Executive Officer

Mat-Su Health Foundation

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