CBCS Donates Thousands to VA Nonprofits

CBCS cares for the communities we serve. Currently, we are working on the High Utilizers of Virginia (HUV) program in Northern VA. Our HUV program staff works closely will all existing resources that connect with our common patients & those resources that need support. We are happy to announce that our organization donated thousands of .. more

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Supporting Behavioral Health Patients through Wraparound Services

By Enrique Enguidanos, MD, MBA The High Utilizer of Virginia (HUV) program reduces duplication of efforts while improving the quality of care for enrolled members. Improved care collaboration and 24/7-member access to support provided by Community Based Coordination Solutions (CBCS) has been integral to this program’s success in reducing high-cost utilization and improving outcomes—especially for .. more

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Join us at the Putting Care at the Center Conference

Join us in sunny Sacramento, CA, September 21-23, 2022, for the seventh annual conference for the complex care field. CBCS is a proud sponsor of this important event. The theme of this year’s event is Values and value in complex care. We know that complex care offers value to consumers, communities, providers, payers, and more. How .. more

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Webinar: Homelessness and Emergency Department Care

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 | 1:00 PM CT People experiencing homelessness are often managing significant complex health issues but are unable to access needed primary care or must prioritize immediate survival over health management. The result is that health conditions are often untreated until it’s an emergency. Emergency Departments (EDs), then, are well accustomed to .. more

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Solving for Patient Engagement in Behavioral Health Populations

Behavioral health conditions significantly impact costs of care—with studies linking behavioral health diagnoses with a 3.5x increase in overall care costs and up to a 103% increase in high-cost utilization. While innovative health plans across the country are working to address these costs through programs tailored to support individuals with behavioral health conditions, patient engagement .. more

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CEO Dr. Enrique Enguidanos to present at the 2021 American Public Health Association Conference

  The American Public Health Association’s 2021 Annual Meeting and Expo will take place Oct. 24-27. The 2021 theme is “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness.” On October 27th, Dr. Enguidanos will be co-presenting COVID Response from Multiple Perspectives with the Cuban Society of Public Health, offering contrasting perspectives on the challenges faced in .. more

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Webinar: Enhancing care coordination across the continuum: A guidebook to reducing readmissions

  Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT Readmissions are a significant driver of healthcare costs and inefficiencies, accounting for $26 billion per year across the U.S. Join our CEO Enrique Enguidanos as he sits down with fellow physician thought leaders to discuss challenges and strategies to reduce ED readmissions. Hosted .. more

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CBCS is excited to be featured on Population Health Learning Network

  Enrique Enguidanos, MD, FACEP, MBA, CEO and founder of Community Based Coordination Solutions discusses how CBCS is rethinking the complex engagement model It was the tenth time Mary had presented to the emergency department (ED) suicidal and intoxicated after trying to subvert her depression with alcohol. This time, a caring bystander had called 911 as .. more

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Improving outcomes through patient engagement

Keeping healthcare personal, scalable, and affordable with the CBCS direct patient engagement program Trent was a Vietnam War veteran with diagnosed type 2 diabetes, PTSD, and acute schizophrenia who was seen frequently at the hospital with primary complaints of heart failure. When multiple tests showed that Trent’s heart was healthy, but that he was experiencing .. more

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Why we need to rethink patient engagement

The cost and health benefits of the direct patient engagement model The healthcare system is difficult to navigate, and for individuals with underlying psychosocial issues like mental health diagnoses, substance use disorder, homelessness, or other social determinants of health, it becomes even trickier. Many of these individuals face challenges traditionally stigmatized by the healthcare system—leading .. more

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