Do you feel like you are swimming upstream with a small paddle when it comes to integrating social services into your medical care system? If so, you are not alone. Despite a desire by the medical community to address the social determinants of health in order to improve patient outcomes, limited progress has been made in integrating social services with medical care.

A recent Health Affairs article addressed this very issue and we felt that we should share it with you.

The article, emphasizing the relationship between social factors and health outcomes, data from multiple “early adopter” ACO’s (all of which were identified as having an emphasis on addressing social determinants of health needs), found significant difficulties integrating social services with medical care, with three major themes identified as limiting their efforts:

  • Lack of social needs data being used in decision-making
  • Difficulties developing partnerships between ACOs and community-based organizations
  • Difficulties identifying approaches to delivering ROI when implementing program innovations

These findings are consistent with our experience at CBCS and have driven much of our innovation and operations. Our relationship with Collective Medical has repeatedly demonstrated the value of real-time data in driving community improvements and promptly addressing health needs. Our programs are centered around community-based relationships and operations and have proven to deliver significant ROIs within months of implementation and we can help you with addressing these difficulties.

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Click HERE to read the Health Affairs article.