For decades, PFCC partners’ work has elevated community voices throughout the organizations and programs that provide health care in the US. Catalyzing improvements that center the priorities, preferences, and goals of patients and their family caregivers.

PFCCpartners is built on the foundation of their own lived experiences as patients and family caregivers. It provides them with a unique understanding for what approaches result in sustainable and impactful engagement.

CBC Solutions is proud to partner with this group as we have a symbiotic relationship and belief in what the healthcare system could be and desire to be catalysts for change. Recently we had the pleasure of presenting “Navigating Vulnerable Populations through Complex Care” at a PFCCparnters Community of Practice workshop. The presentation can be viewed here.

We thank PFCCpartners for allowing us to present and look forward to a lasting partnership. To learn more about PFCCpartners, click here.