COVID Rapid Response and Recovery Support

CBC Solutions (CBCS) has teamed up with Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) to develop a Rapid Response and Recovery Support plan to support you during this difficult time.

  • We will engage and lead community efforts in a coordinated response to the COVID crisis.
  • We emphasize practices proven successful in our community resource coordination and early COVID experiences.

In order to best serve you, we are offering multiple ways to support your needs and budget.

Hourly Phone Consultations Topics:

  • Community Engagement
  • Housing and Isolation
  • Use of phone, video and telemetry tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment use and access
  • Community Information Sharing
  • Complex Care Program Preparation and Development
  • Community Re-Engagement after COVID peaks

Strategic half-day and full-day sessions

  • Organizations can customize a session from amongst various hourly consultation topics or can request a community-tailored session.
  • We focus on are the following areas of anticipated needs: Testing, Transpiration, Housing, Supply Management, and Communications.

Community COVID Implementation and Recovery Plan

  • We estimate a 2-month commitment but provide the contracting entity the option of
    extending or shortening the engagement with at least 30-day’s notice
  • CBCS will be the on-site provider. CBCS will be on-site at least 3-days/month and will
    lead multiple video/phone contacts throughout the program, including daily contacts
    with assigned staff and weekly community team leader meetings.
  • The contracting entity will provide an internal staff lead for this program.

CBCS and PHMC are and remain independent organizations that are honored to be collaborating on this project during the COVID pandemic.

*CBCS/PHMC also provides Learning Collaborative and Focus Group offerings. These may include broad partner participation, weekly on-line convening, and resource library development. Estimates are available upon request.
** CBCS/PHMC occasionally has access to funding streams to support this work and will offer options as appropriate upon request.
*** All of our offerings complement our on-going complex care efforts; CBCS/PHMC would
assist interested clients interested in expanding into these efforts upon request.

Contact us today to learn more or to get started!