Join Caring as Communities in this mini-series interviewing the frontline community health navigators supporting our nation’s most vulnerable patients. In this episode, Rose Wheeler shares highlights from her career and the impact that lived experience can have on patient rapport.

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Rose Wheeler was born and raised in Appomattox, Virginia. She has a bachelor’s degree in health human services and science, with a minor in entrepreneurship, and a master’s degree in public administration. Rose has lived experiences she’s a PRS, CHW, and currently, she’s employed as a Resource Navigator with CBC Solutions LLC. based in Seattle, Washington.

In short, Rose is a survivor, a loving mother of four, a wife, and she’s on a mission to show others they can pivot on their past and be an asset to whatever they desire and put in their hearts and minds. The sky is just an illusion; not the limit because man walked on the moon. She is an encourager to the community of the discouraged at heart. She is what you may often call walking glue; always finding ways to place the resources together with clients and entities to make the puzzle fit together tightly.