Every community struggles with a small cohort of patients that are resistant to typical health care solutions, and as a result, utilize an inordinate percentage of health care resources. Due to their unique medical conditions, and often due to difficult social circumstances, including homelessness, chemical dependency, and behavioral health issues, these clients are traditionally resistant to typical care coordination services.

Who is this patient we speak of:

A small, but signi­ficant segment resisting traditional care coordination. Many of these patients face intense psychosocial needs.


Typical patient demographics:

  • 30% are homeless
  • 40% have some form of mental disorder
  • 50% have signifi­cant substance abuse issues
  • They generally have 5 or more annual emergency department visits per patient
  • Health care system costs typically $70,000 or higher



CBC Solutions’ specialized approach guarantees a 30% reduction within the first year

  • Dedicated, trained staff live in every community we serve
  • Individualized care plans are created for each client we serve
  • Expertise in the use of gold-standard community IT systems
  • Community resource engagement
  • Immediate access to funds
  • At-risk, performance-based contracting
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