Did you know: Nearly  20% of people discharged from the hospital end up going back within 30 days for things that could have been avoided? (citation). Seeing a doctor right away can help you avoid taking the wrong medication, getting infections, and suffering injuries that land you back in a hospital bed.

Aetna Better Health® of Virginia has partnered with CBCS to help make sure you see a doctor in those crucial weeks after discharge. CBCS Community Resource Navigators are available 24/7 to help you complete an appointment with your chosen doctor as soon as possible—and to make sure you are getting the most out of your Aetna Better Health® benefits.

Every year, insurance customers leave valuable benefits on the table. CBCS Community Resource Navigators will help connect you to services that support your whole health, from food delivery services to on-demand peer support, all free to you from Aetna Better Health®.

Use the contact form below to reach out to a Community Resource Navigator in your area and find out how CBCS can help keep you out of the hospital and in the communities where you thrive.

CBCS Service Offerings

  • Transportation assistance
  • Navigation to outpatient providers and community support
  • Appointment scheduling assistance and reminders
  • Referrals to insurer-provided services
  • Connection to telehealth providers

Additional Services Available Through Aetna Better Health® of Virginia

  • Vision care
  • Extra help with rides
  • Free cell phone
  • General Educational Development (GED) incentive
  • Hearing care
  • Home meal delivery

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Here is a link to What’s Covered

Your care coordinator through Aetna Better Health® of Virginia can advise you about eligibility

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